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 Dine in Meadow Gold District

Discover an array of unique places to dine and sip in the heart of the city. Meadow Gold District local businesses hold true to the historic Route 66 name. Many even incorporate Mother Road themed items into their menu. As the perfect destination centrally located to Midtown and Downtown Tulsa, you can grab a quick bite or drink and then explore the rest of the city that’s just moments away. Meadow Gold District is where Tulsa comes to life.

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 Discover your inner food cravings


For all the foodies out there, Meadow Gold District is one of Tulsa's top destinations for food and continues to gain attention as one of the most popular retro neighborhoods to dine. You can always count on finding the perfect spot to eat no matter the day of the week. The Meadow Gold area provides Tulsa residents with quick access to a variety of unique breakfast, lunch, and dinner destinations.

Meadow Gold is home to time-honored establishments that have been around for many years as well as the latest in Route 66 re-branded spots. Indulge yourself and stop by any of the area's great restaurants. Perfectly situated just moments from Downtown and Midtown Tulsa, you are sure to find your inner food and drink cravings at the best dining and restaurant hotspots in the city.

List of Locations Coming Soon!

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