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Welcome to Tulsa’s newest and most energetic mixed-use community district along Route 66. Explore the city the way it’s meant to be. Shopping, dining, bars, and events all in one place, just moments from the Downtown and Midtown areas.

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The Meadow Gold District is Tulsa’s most vibrant up and coming area along Route 66. Explore, eat, shop, and more. See what urban life really means.

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About Meadow Gold District

There’s no other place in the city where you can experience the hype of historic Route 66 and be within minutes of the Downtown and Midtown Tulsa areas. The Meadow Gold District offers great places to eat, chic family-owned shops, and a way of life that is simply unmatched. Whether passing through or making it a place to call home, you are sure to find a dazzling culture full of urban life.

Meadow Gold District lies right on the cusp of all things meaningful in Tulsa. The Mother Road stretch of 11th Street takes you back to a time of booming significance. Many locally-owned businesses work together to carry on Route 66 traditions in the city. From shops to local eateries, you are sure to soak up the energy, charisma, and charm of an ongoing Meadow Gold District development.

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Discover why Meadow Gold District is setting a new standard for the Route 66 - Mother Road experience in Tulsa. Come and find your passion.

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